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All You Need To Know About The Printhead Cleaning of Your HP Printer

If you have an HP printer, you might experience printhead cleaning that might affect the overall printing results. This clogging happens when dust or small amounts of ink dry up and get accumulated in the nozzle area. Some of the most common signs to assess if your printer is clogged are spotty, streaky or faint prints. That said, the good news is that you can clear this clogging with a simple cleaning. So, if your printer is not providing you with great printing results like it is supposed to, this blog will help you clean your printer head and give it a new life. 

Before we begin explaining the cleaning process, it is important for you to know what a printer head is. It is a crucial component in a printer because it helps in transferring the ink to the page when you print a particular text. The printhead follows a process of sending out tiny droplets of ink through various nozzles of the printer in order to print the desired file. Therefore, if any of these printing nozzles get blocked or clogged due to some reason, the quality of the prints starts to degrade, and it becomes faded, spotty or streaky. 

Depending on the type of HP printer you have, printer heads can be built-in and can be a part of the printer, or they can be a part of the cartridge that you buy. 

Printheads That Are Built-In On Your Printer

When HP printers have built-in printheads, they use individual cartridges for the printing process. In such printers, the cartridges are installed directly to the nozzle plate or the printhead in order to run successfully and print your files. However, in such cases, you need to replace them after they have been in use for a long time. The cost of one printhead can be somewhere around $100 or more. 

printhead cleaning That Are Built-In On The Cartridges 

Printer cartridges sometimes come with a printhead that is already built-in. In such types of cartridges, you will find the nozzle plate on the side of the cartridge. Hence, every time you replace your printer cartridges, it would mean replacing the printheads too. So, if you are really struggling with some bad quality or streaky prints, you can simply change your cartridges, and your problem will automatically be solved. 

However, if you are suffering from bad quality prints and would like to know the process for printhead cleaning, read on! 

Automatic Cleaning Of Printheads 

If you are looking for a quick fix to solve your issue of lousy print quality, you can run a proper printhead cleaning for the best results. Every model of an HP printer has in-built software with a cleaning function. You can usually find it under the section of “printer maintenance” in the display menu of your printer. It is a good idea to consult the printer manual for cleaning instructions for your individual printer model. 

Note that cleaning a printhead can take up to 2 minutes. Moreover, this cleaning uses some ink in the process. Once the printhead cleaning process is complete, you should print a test page so that the print quality can be compared. If the results are good, you can carry on with your work. However, if the results are sub-par, it can help to run the function of printhead cleaning a few more times to reestablish the printing quality. If it still does not help, try the manual cleaning method so that you don’t end up using too much ink during the cleaning process. 

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Manual  Printhead Cleaning

Follow the steps given below for the manual cleaning of your printhead:

  • Use a damp coffee filter or a warm and damp paper towel to blot the toner cartridge. Make sure that the printhead faces down on the coffee filter/paper towel. This will help you remove any excess dried ink from the printhead.
  • After that, hold the printhead of the cartridge down on a dry paper towel for a few minutes to wick out the ink. Avoid wiping the printhead as it may cause damage to the cartridge.
  • Once that is done, reinstall the cartridge and test print a page. If you still get poor results, you might have to change your toner. 

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