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What to do if your HP all-in-one printer starts malfunctioning?

How to troubleshoot and fix common HP toner cartridge issues such as streaking and smudging?

Sometimes the printed photo or document is not of the intended quality. Here, the steps in this blog should help with print quality issues such as streaked or faded printouts, color or black ink that won’t print, documents with fuzzy or blurry text, ink streaks, and other issues. Although the printer is operational, the printed output has ink smears or streaks.

The following are the steps-

First step: Verify your paper

  • Be careful to print on brand-new, wrinkle-free paper.
  • Continually move forward if you are certain you did.

Step two: Launch the utility for cleaning print cartridges.

  • Choose “Setup” from the menu.
  • Choose Tools using the arrow keys, and then click OK.
  • After selecting Clean Print Cartridges, click A test page is printed by the gadget.

Analyze the exam page. Stop reading if the page’s print quality is good. If the print quality is poor, move on to the subsequent cleaning stage.

Activate the Printer Toolbox

Two strategies:

Launch HP Director, then choose Settings, Print Settings, and Printer Toolbox from the menus.

  • Open Printers and Faxes in the Windows Control Panel, then right-click your printer icon and select Properties if the HP Director technique does not work. Next, select Printing Preferences. Choose the Service This Device icon after selecting the Services tab.
  • Open the Printer Toolbox. Click Clean the Print Cartridges under Device Services, then adhere to the on-screen directions. There are a maximum of three cleaning levels available. Recycle or throw away the printed page.

Step three: tidy up the region surrounding the cartridge nozzles

NOTE: If you have streaks or smudges in your printed output and you have already completed all three cleaning levels in the Clean Print Cartridges program, only then should you proceed with the cleaning of the area around the cartridge’s nozzles.

The print cartridges should not be left outside the printer for more than 30 minutes. A cartridge’s ink will dry out if it’s left outside the printer for too long, rendering it useless. Moreover, take care to avoid getting ink on your hands or clothing.

Assemble the cleaning supplies

  • With sterile bottled, distilled, or filtered water. Tap water could include impurities that harm the cartridge.
  • Clean cotton swabs or any other soft, lint-free material that won’t adhere to the cartridges (coffee filters work well).
  • To rest the cartridges while being cleaned, use paper towels or sheets of paper.
  • One of the ink cartridges should be taken out and set down on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up.
  • Check the vicinity of the nozzle plate. Clean the cartridge as directed below if you see any debris or ink buildup:
  • Do not clean the print cartridge if there is no debris or ink buildup.
  • Clean water should be used to lightly saturate the lint-free cleaning material.

Clean the faces and edges surrounding the nozzle plate with the swab. The region that needs to be cleaned will be hazy. If the cleaning agent becomes soiled, replace it.

Replace the problematic cartridge right away if you haven’t already done so to address the issue. To find out if the cartridge is covered by warranty, see Ink Cartridge and Printhead Limited Warranty. Replacement toner cartridges and other accessories are available for the printer’s better operation.

HP905, HP955 and 965 XL Cartridges

How to Disable HP Updates HP905, HP955 and 965 XL Cartridges ?

Several firmware changes from HP may prevent you from using compatible HP 905, 965 XL and HP 955 ink cartridges. The compatible cartridges you bought will become useless if you permit printer updates. The update will not affect cartridges that have already been installed, but it will cease the use of all uninstalled cartridges. We’ll demonstrate how to turn off HP printer updates.

Officejet Pro 8710, Officejet Pro 8720, Officejet Pro 8730, and Officejet Pro 8740 are among the printers that are impacted. You can disable these automatic updates to make sure you are not impacted by HP’s actions.

How To Disable Updates 905 in Steps?

To stop receiving HP updates, adhere to this process-

  • Swipe down to reveal the dashboard on the printer control panel.
  • On the “Setup” icon, click.
  • Select “Printer Maintenance” by moving your finger up on the screen.
  • Select “Update the Printer” by moving your finger up on the screen.
  • The “Printer Update Options” button
  • Choose “Do Not Check.”
  • Choose “No” to disable Printer Updates.

Purchase cartridges for ink or toner

  • HP and regional merchants sell replacement ink and toner.
  • Visit an HP Store.
  • Pick your language and country/region.
  • At the very top of the page, click Ink & Toner.
  • To locate and order the cartridges for your printer, simply follow the directions.

What is the procedure for disabling updates of HP 955?

The maker of printers regularly makes firmware changes that may prevent compatible cartridges from functioning. Consequently, our clients could experience printing troubles multiple times a year. We already know the answer, so don’t worry!

You can disable hp printer updates to get your printer to function properly with compatible cartridges.

The steps are as follows:

  • Click Setup
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Update the Printer
  • Printer Update Options
  • Do Not Check on the control panel for your printer.

In response to the query “Do you want to enable Printer Updates?” choose “No” and then click “Home.”

That’s all, then!

Nothing will now prevent you from printing!

What to do in case of Error: HP print cartridge not compatible?

You might have accidentally inserted the cartridge in the incorrect slot if you see the “Incompatible Cartridge” notice.

Make sure the cartridge model numbers match your printer model and your nation/region if you have this problem. Then, make sure they are properly inserted in the relevant slots.

How to disable updates of HP 965 XL?

Steps to follow when you get the message Cartridge trouble” errors:

  • Depleted Ink Cartridges or “Remove and Reinstall” may occur as a result of dirt gathered throughout the exploitation time.
  • Remove and reinstall the designated cartridge 2-3 times until it securely sits in the slot to overcome an HP ink cartridge error.
  • Next, shut off the device.
  • Make sure the cartridge is replaced and that it fits firmly into the designated slot. The printer is prepared for use.

When you are planning to disable the updates, it is very crucial for you to know about the total procedure. When you have this type of precise guiding content, the process is surely going to be easy.

It's The Right Time to Buy a New Cartridge : Know How

It’s The Right Time to Buy a New Cartridge : Know How

In modern times, people prefer online transactions more than offline paper works. However, there are some specific sectors where you need to proceed with hard copies only. Apart from this, you need to keep records of many important hard copies for future use. In this scenario, printers play an important role in both personal and official works. Due to the pandemic situation, many companies have chosen the way of working from home permanently. Thus, many employees need to accumulate a number of technical machines along with printer ink cartridges at home to create an office-like atmosphere.

You need to know a few things to know the actual lifetime of your toner cartridge refill for sure. By observing a number of points very carefully, you can easily realize the accurate time to buy printer cartridges. Here are some of the crucial points for your concern. By following these points, you can easily avoid any kind of confusion regarding ink refilling for your printer. These points will also help you to work with a single cartridge for a long time. Thus, you can also avoid any unusual situation as well.

A few crucial indications for cartridge refilling

  • You should always use the prescribed paper to receive the best result without facing any problems. Thus, the printing quality of your printer will never decrease for sure.


  • You should use your printer frequently. After a specific time, the ink will automatically dry, and you cannot be able to use it at all. It is quite necessary to keep your printer in running condition most of the time.


  • You should always switch off your printer after using it at the end of the day. In this way, the inner mechanism of your printer will get some time for rest. Thus, your printer can work more efficiently than before.


  • You should always look for the expiration date of your ink at the time of buying printer cartridges online. You need to finish the ink within the given time limit. Otherwise, you need to face a number of issues regarding the printing quality and many more points.


  • Each and every ink refill has a direction to store them at the back of the packet for sure. You should follow the direction very carefully to keep them in a good condition for a long time.

You will now easily understand the actual time to buy ink cartridges online. According to this point of view, you will be able to store useful cartridge refills at home to work more efficiently. Apart from this, you can now operate your printer in a proper way to avoid any kind of massive damage for sure. Besides, you use the cartridges fully to be worth your money in every possible way. You should be able to buy printer cartridges online in need to perform your duties amazingly. Apart from that, the printing quality of your printer will also remain as good as before.

Save Ink When Printing: Know How

Save Ink When Printing: Know How

While choosing a printer, the first concern that comes to your mind is the cost of cartridges that you would have to bear in the future. The other thing you need to check with these is the print quality. If you are required to do a lot of printing, the ink cost will add up to a greater extent. To reduce the ink cost today, in this article, we will quickly go through some easy tips which would help you reduce the ink cost of your printer.

Here are some tips mentioned below that will help you to save the printer ink cost:

  • Choose an efficient Printer

When buying a new printer and it is essential to consider the toner cartridge cost or the overall ink cost. Several low-priced printers are available in the market, but if you calculate the cartridge cost, you will find they are costly. On the other hand, high-priced printers lower the per-page cost making comparatively printer ink cartridges cheap. Therefore, the efficiency and economy of a printer can be evaluated by calculating the cost per page of printing. So before going to the market, thoroughly research and calculate the cost per page.

  • Make proper use of your Printer’s Driver and Ink Saving Software

Choose software that will allow you to select the specific parts of the documents you like to print and those you would like to omit. It will help you to save on ink costs. Most of the printers available nowadays allow you to adjust several device functionalities. It also comes equipped with a printer driver allowing you to modify settings; this will extend the span of the printer ink cartridges you are using.

  • Choose the Right Font

There are a variety of fonts available, and each of them consumes a different amount of ink. Therefore, always choose a font that will help you save the printer’s ink. While doing so, you will notice that the ink usage is reduced considerably, even if you are trying little. Also, make sure the matter is not in Bold. Opting Out of the bold option will help you save more on printer ink.

  • Adjusting Image and Graphics Resolution

Some of your prints might have images and graphics with them. All you need to do is reduce the resolutions of the photos and drawings and enjoy saving on your cartridge ink and also end up using lesser color ink. You can reduce the size of the images to 72 DPI, and you will get quality prints. Usually, the DPI settings range from 200 to 300 DPI, which is not required. Also, it consumes a lot of ink. Thus change the settings first.

To Conclude

Owning your printer is always so convenient. You can help your children with homework, take prints of your work and maintain confidentiality. You can also print invitations and a lot of many things. And all these can be done by enjoying the comfort of home. Those mentioned above are some ways to extend the life span of your ink cartridges.  And this will help you to save your funds on printing expenses. Finally, be judicious and save paper and ink.



Trying To Check Your Printer’s Ink Level? Know How

The printer has become an all-important part of the technical setup of any household. It is important to all members of the family. Thus, it is also important to be able to check the printer ink levels. Now, for someone well acquainted with printers and their operation, this should be very easy. But, the operations may vary slightly from printer to printer.

This article aims to discuss the method of checking printer ink levels in various printer. It is also important to check the toner levels on the printer.

Checking the ink on an Epson printer

The steps to checking the ink level on an Epson printer are quite easy to follow. The process is simple. Let us take a good look at it.

  1. For Mac and OS users, the ink levels can be checked by clicking on the “Apple” icon. Next, they need to click on “Print And Scan” from the “System Preferences” menu. Further, you need to select “Options And Supplies” from the list of printers.

The performance can be maintained by using genuine Epson ink cartridges.

  1. Windows users can check the ink by double clicking the printer icon in the taskbar and check the panel.

Checking the ink on a HP printer

The steps to check the ink on your HP printer are as follows :

  1. Windows 10 users can download the HP smart app and add the device to check the ink level.
  2. Mac users can click on “Print and Scan” after entering the system preferences in the Apple icon from the toolbar. The “Options and Supplies” will provide the required details about ink and toner levels.

In the case of a Canon printer

To check whether your Canon printer needs new printer ink cartridges :

  1. Users of Mac systems can check the printer ink from the “System and Preferences” menu in the toolbar. They need to start by clicking the “Apple” icon. Next, they need to select “Print and Scan” and select the model under consideration. The “Options And Supplies” option will show the toner and ink levels.
  2. The “Devices And Printers” menu from the “Start button” can help Windows users check the ink and toner levels. The “Printing Preferences” option needs to be chosen from the drop-down menu. The user can next click on the “Display” option from the Canon printer.

In case you have a Brother printer

Many Brother printers have touch screens and many have regular screens. The steps for both are given below.

  1. Regular screen users can click on the “Menu” button and click on “Up” and “Down” till they reach “Ink Management” or “Ink”. Then, go “Up” or “Down” to “Ink Volume” and check the cartridges. Press “Exit” or “Stop” to terminate the process.
  2. Touch screen users can use the “Left” or “Right” keys to go to the “Ink” option. The icon shows a row of colors. Now, the user can use the “Up” or “Down” buttons to reach the “Ink Volume” option. The user can now see the ink and toner levels. The process can be stopped by clicking on the “Stop” or “Exit” button.


Thus, most printers have a similar process to check the ink and toner levels. It is best to use full ink cartridges for optimum performance.

Laser Printer

What are the Important Components To Know In A Laser Printer and Their Uses

Laser printers are one of the most common office devices in use today. However, the parts that make up these devices can be complex and difficult to understand. For your letter to print on paper, it must pass through several increasingly smaller sections until finally reaching the head drum where an electro-statically charged drum with toner creates your letters as heat is applied to form them. You may be wondering why laser printers have a reputation for being prone to mistakes or jams. Since it uses a diode laser, it is called a laser printer.

The 9 most important components of a Laser Printer are:

  1. Processor

A processor that converts the text and image data from the original document into a series of dots. This is the brain of Laser printers. It speeds up to 29 pages per minute for black or 13 pages per minute for color printing.

  1. Laser control panel

The laser control panel is a small rectangular panel on the front of the printer that is used to control the printer’s laser. A circuit board controls the laser beam used to create the image.

  1. A printer engine

The engine controller is essentially a computer made of solid-state components that performs all the low-level tasks involved in printing, such as receiving print instructions from your PC, communicating with the laser diode, and managing memory.

  1. A paper tray

The tray holds the paper in place. This holds paper and positions it correctly for printing at a specific point in time.

  1. A Laser tube

A Laser tube emits visible red light, causing the toner and paper to blend together as it passes over them on its way through the printer.

  1. A Fuser

A fuser that applies heat and pressure to the printed page to fuse the ink onto the paper. Fuser Assembly is part of the laser printer that uses heat to permanently bond the toner to the paper. It is located inside the printer near the bottom right-hand side of the device. The fuser assembly melts the toner to produce a permanent bond between it and the paper.

  1. A toner cartridge

A toner cartridge contains the toner powder that is used to print the image. The laser printer has a toner cartridge that contains the toner powder. When the powder is fused with heat it creates the image on paper. The cartridges contain different amounts of toner powder and thus last for different amounts of time.

  1. OPC drum cleaner

The laser printer has an OPC drum cleaner to ensure optimum performance when printing. This part extends the life of your laser printer as well as helps you produce better-quality documents and photos. The cleaning process removes any excess toner left over from previous print jobs that might have accumulated around your drum assembly.

  1. An optical scanner

It reads the image on the page and sends the data to the processor, checking a light to create an image of the original document. A digital camera captures an image of a document and saves it as a digital file

In order to best function a laser printer, it is useful to understand generally how a laser printer works along with its components. It gives you a good idea of what is going wrong if the printout is of inferior quality or paper jams or even encountering printer error messages. Unscrupulous suppliers offering unbelievably low prices tend to use inferior or refurbished parts like OPC drum cleaner, A Fuser, Paper Tray, and A toner cartridge.

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Printer

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Buying Printer

Printing tasks are important for maintaining office records. Instead of outsourcing the tasks, it is better to have a printer in-house. It will improve productivity. However, it would help if you bought an appropriate printer to handle the load of printing work that is essential. If you happen to buy the wrong printer, it can be frustrating. That is why you should take care and get expert advice before buying a new printer. Let us consider the mistakes you should avoid when you Buy printer NZ.

Price alone should not be a consideration.

The printers are expensive. However, instead of considering the price in terms of the overall value of the printer, you should be considering it in terms of value for money and how appropriate it is to meet the printing requirements of your organization. For example, you might be able to buy a printer that is priced low. But, in the long run, you will notice that the spending for consumables like the ink cartridges and maintenance charges might be higher for this printer. You may get a higher-priced printer. But consumables like ink cartridges and maintenance costs could be very low. Buying a high-priced printer is the right thing to do.

 Type of printer

 Choosing a printer that does not offer any other additional functions would not be the right decision. You would be saving money but will not be able to use additional features such as scanning, getting a photo print, etc., which you might indeed be requiring from time to time in your organization, especially as it grows.


When you buy a printer, ensure that it is compatible with the operating systems in your organization. That is why it is important to choose a printer that is compatible with PC and Mac. This will ensure that you have a printer that will help you get all the prints you want without hassles. However, you could always choose to have a laser printer or a printer with a drum unit depending on how often and for what purposes you will be using the printers.

 Space constraints

 When you are choosing the best printer and scanner for office use, you should also consider the dimensions and weight of the printer as well. Usually, when you go in for printers with additional features, they will be bigger and heavier. Ensure that you have a fixed space with the required dimensions to place and use the printer effectively. However, there are printers in the market that might come with collapsible feed trays that might help handle space constraints. Alternatively, it must come with wireless functionality if you plan to keep the printer unit at a height.

 Assessing the needs

 A printer bought without assessing the organization’s needs might not be a cost-effective choice. It will not serve other purposes such as increasing productivity as well.

 Choose the best laser jet printer for your home or office carefully. This means you will get value for the money you spend on it.

New Printer

When Should You Buy a New Printer?

There has been tremendous growth in technology in this century. We have been lucky enough to use it to the fullest. This means you can get more work done within a short time. Also, you will be able to do it effortlessly. Printers are an integral part of an office administration system. A highly evolved version of the printer will ensure you get the best quality prints that last. However, printer technology is evolving rapidly. There are chances that you might miss out on the changes when you get stuck with your routine. Let us consider some signs you need to change the printer.

Difficulty in getting replacement parts

Whether you want to buy a new printer is a matter of personal preference, but you might miss out on using the best technology. There is hardly any printer for which you will not get spares and components from third-party manufacturers. However, when you find the spares are unavailable with the original equipment manufacturer, it indicates that the printer is out of trend. However, choosing the best printers from well-known brands like Epson printers, HP printers, etc., will ensure that you use the best technology that will continue for a few years.

Printing needs have changed.

The need for the printer, too, would have evolved over the years. Let us consider some additional requirements that would be required over time.

  • You might be requiring additional features that modern canon printers and other well–known printers offer, like faxing, scanning, remote printing, copying, automatic duplexing, and Air print.
  • The volume of texts you need to print increases. This means you need printers with increased printing speed.
  • You have monochrome printers and require color printers from quality brands like Brother Printers, Epson printers, etc, that will help you get high-quality color prints.
  • You need laser printers to replace the inkjet printer considering the cost involved in replacing the printer cartridges from time to time and the volume of papers to be printed.

If you do not consider replacing the printer despite the above-mentioned aspects, you might compromise the productivity and economy of the individuals and the business.

Print quality has gone down

The problem with the Inkjet printers is that the print quality can go down drastically. You might consider changing the printer cartridges. However, if there is no improvement, you might have to replace the drum and print head. However, when conditions have come this far, you would have to replace the printer shortly.

Frequent paper jams

Paper jams that happen frequently indicate something wrong with the rolling mechanism. You may try replacing the roller. However, it is not a sure-shot solution. In such a case, it is better to buy a new printer considering the costs involved in servicing the printers every time there is a paper jam.

Last but not least, if you have to replace the ink cartridge more often than usual without an increase in the volume, it is a sign that you need to replace your old printer with a new and quality modern printer.

ink cartridges of your printer

How to make the most of the ink cartridges of your printer

When you are buying a printer for office use, you just cannot get carried away by the printer’s looks, brand name, or cost. If you wish to save money, you need to pay special attention to the ink cartridges that you buy for replacement. But why? Several aspects, such as the print resolution, type of printer, print speed, etc., have to be paid attention to.

 Ink cartridges

 Ink cartridges for printers are the most expensive consumables. If you are forced to change the ink cartridges often, there would be no use in buying a printer of low cost. Also, you will not be in a position to compromise on ink cartridge quality because a faulty ink cartridge would damage the print head. Let us consider the tips for inspecting, handling, installing, and buying ink cartridges.

Care for ink cartridge before installation

Installing the ink cartridge is a simple task. It has to be inserted in the designated slot in the printer. But, there are certain things you should do before it. it includes

  • Inspecting the inkjet cartridge for damages before installation
  • Check if the ink cartridge’s clip or plastic pull tab is secure.
  • Removing part of the plastic tape that covers the vent hole and clip
  • Shaking the ink cartridge well to prime the ink
  • Inspect the gold contact chip on the ink cartridge. You will find it on the side of the cartridge. If you notice dust, scratches, or impurities, it must be cleaned.

Care for ink cartridge during installation

The cartridge installation process may differ from one printer to another. Therefore, it is better to refer to the product manual for the same. Alternatively, you may refer to PDF online or watch a video. But the tip, however, is that you should not force the ink cartridge in the slot. It has to fit in easily. Otherwise, the print head would be dislodged or damaged. This is again expensive to repair.

Care for ink cartridge while storing

Online ink cartridges are available in bulk at reasonable prices. Single pieces are usually expensive. You can save up to 20% of the costs when you opt for a multipack of online ink cartridges. For every 10 cartridges you buy, you would be getting two cartridges for free. But, if you have to make the most of this buy, you have to store it properly.

  • Store cartridges in a vertical position
  • Store cartridges in a dark place
  • Do not store them indefinitely. Note the expiry date and try to use them before that.

Care for ink cartridges when in use

You must print at least 1-2 pages a week. A dormant ink cartridge will dry up and clog the nozzles. You will get an empty cartridge warning when 50 or30% ink is left. However, you may consider ink cartridges refill until you notice banded text or blurred line prints. You will have to go in for a printer cartridge refill of a full set of ink cartridges.

Last but not least, instead of cartridge refill, you may think of recycling. This will ensure that you do not fill the cartridges with substandard ink.

Buying printer for office

Buying Printer for Office use- Points to Consider

There would be a lot of emails and documents that you would want to have printed daily in your office. Therefore, you want to buy the best printer for your office use. There are indeed several types and brands of printers in the market. You will be overwhelmed by the choices and options available Online to buy printers. But you have to choose carefully. The right thing to do is to consider the important features of the printers.

Features you should look for The features you should pay attention to while buying a printer for office use include.

Page yield and Cost

Page yield is measured by the number of pages a cartridge can print before the toner runs out of ink. Also, the pages printed must be with a 5% coverage area. A printer with a high-yield ink or toner cartridge will be the right choice for office use. You may search for printers with Xl or supersized toner cartridges for office use. The printers with standard toners will cost less. But, when you put it to use in your office, you might have to keep replacing the ink cartridges frequently. The cost per print is calculated by dividing the cost of the replacement cartridge by page yield. The cost-per-print will be low in an XL toner.

Print Resolution

This refers to the quality of print you can get. It is usually measured in terms of Dots per matrix (DPI). It refers to the total number of dots printed on one inch of paper. You have printers with a DPI of 600X600 to those with resolutions as high as 4800X1200DPI for colour prints. However, you must remember that the print will be more legible, and you will get well-rounded text in B&W even if the print resolution is low. Therefore 1200X1200 DPI B&W laser printers can be ideal for office use.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

This refers to the special feature where several sheets can be fed into the feeder for scanning, printing, or copying. This means that multi-page documents are processed easily without replacing each sheet manually. The feeders are of two types

  • RADF- Reverse ADF
  • DADF-Duplex ADF

DADF printers scan both sides of the paper in one go.

Print Speed

This refers to how quickly the printer can produce prints. This is measured in terms of Pages Per Minute (PPM). The PPM will be different for monochrome and color printers. The print speed will be lower for color printers. . An entry-level inkjet or laser printer would print around 15-30 monochrome pages a minute. However, laser printers are slightly faster than inkjet printers. Depending on how often, how quickly, and how lengthy the printed material you require would be, you may choose either one of them.

Connectivity options

You might want to share the printer across several peripherals for office use. Also, you might want to print directly from a smartphone. Therefore, it is better to choose a printer that supports mobile and cloud printing and Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

Choose a printer after comparing the above-mentioned features. This will ensure that the printer meets your present and future needs.