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ink cartridges of your printer

How to make the most of the ink cartridges of your printer

When you are buying a printer for office use, you just cannot get carried away by the printer’s looks, brand name, or cost. If you wish to save money, you need to pay special attention to the ink cartridges that you buy for replacement. But why? Several aspects, such as the print resolution, type of printer, print speed, etc., have to be paid attention to.

 Ink cartridges

 Ink cartridges for printers are the most expensive consumables. If you are forced to change the ink cartridges often, there would be no use in buying a printer of low cost. Also, you will not be in a position to compromise on ink cartridge quality because a faulty ink cartridge would damage the print head. Let us consider the tips for inspecting, handling, installing, and buying ink cartridges.

Care for ink cartridge before installation

Installing the ink cartridge is a simple task. It has to be inserted in the designated slot in the printer. But, there are certain things you should do before it. it includes

  • Inspecting the inkjet cartridge for damages before installation
  • Check if the ink cartridge’s clip or plastic pull tab is secure.
  • Removing part of the plastic tape that covers the vent hole and clip
  • Shaking the ink cartridge well to prime the ink
  • Inspect the gold contact chip on the ink cartridge. You will find it on the side of the cartridge. If you notice dust, scratches, or impurities, it must be cleaned.

Care for ink cartridge during installation

The cartridge installation process may differ from one printer to another. Therefore, it is better to refer to the product manual for the same. Alternatively, you may refer to PDF online or watch a video. But the tip, however, is that you should not force the ink cartridge in the slot. It has to fit in easily. Otherwise, the print head would be dislodged or damaged. This is again expensive to repair.

Care for ink cartridge while storing

Online ink cartridges are available in bulk at reasonable prices. Single pieces are usually expensive. You can save up to 20% of the costs when you opt for a multipack of online ink cartridges. For every 10 cartridges you buy, you would be getting two cartridges for free. But, if you have to make the most of this buy, you have to store it properly.

  • Store cartridges in a vertical position
  • Store cartridges in a dark place
  • Do not store them indefinitely. Note the expiry date and try to use them before that.

Care for ink cartridges when in use

You must print at least 1-2 pages a week. A dormant ink cartridge will dry up and clog the nozzles. You will get an empty cartridge warning when 50 or30% ink is left. However, you may consider ink cartridges refill until you notice banded text or blurred line prints. You will have to go in for a printer cartridge refill of a full set of ink cartridges.

Last but not least, instead of cartridge refill, you may think of recycling. This will ensure that you do not fill the cartridges with substandard ink.

Buying printer for office

Buying Printer for Office use- Points to Consider

There would be a lot of emails and documents that you would want to have printed daily in your office. Therefore, you want to buy the best printer for your office use. There are indeed several types and brands of printers in the market. You will be overwhelmed by the choices and options available Online to buy printers. But you have to choose carefully. The right thing to do is to consider the important features of the printers.

Features you should look for The features you should pay attention to while buying a printer for office use include.

Page yield and Cost

Page yield is measured by the number of pages a cartridge can print before the toner runs out of ink. Also, the pages printed must be with a 5% coverage area. A printer with a high-yield ink or toner cartridge will be the right choice for office use. You may search for printers with Xl or supersized toner cartridges for office use. The printers with standard toners will cost less. But, when you put it to use in your office, you might have to keep replacing the ink cartridges frequently. The cost per print is calculated by dividing the cost of the replacement cartridge by page yield. The cost-per-print will be low in an XL toner.

Print Resolution

This refers to the quality of print you can get. It is usually measured in terms of Dots per matrix (DPI). It refers to the total number of dots printed on one inch of paper. You have printers with a DPI of 600X600 to those with resolutions as high as 4800X1200DPI for colour prints. However, you must remember that the print will be more legible, and you will get well-rounded text in B&W even if the print resolution is low. Therefore 1200X1200 DPI B&W laser printers can be ideal for office use.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

This refers to the special feature where several sheets can be fed into the feeder for scanning, printing, or copying. This means that multi-page documents are processed easily without replacing each sheet manually. The feeders are of two types

  • RADF- Reverse ADF
  • DADF-Duplex ADF

DADF printers scan both sides of the paper in one go.

Print Speed

This refers to how quickly the printer can produce prints. This is measured in terms of Pages Per Minute (PPM). The PPM will be different for monochrome and color printers. The print speed will be lower for color printers. . An entry-level inkjet or laser printer would print around 15-30 monochrome pages a minute. However, laser printers are slightly faster than inkjet printers. Depending on how often, how quickly, and how lengthy the printed material you require would be, you may choose either one of them.

Connectivity options

You might want to share the printer across several peripherals for office use. Also, you might want to print directly from a smartphone. Therefore, it is better to choose a printer that supports mobile and cloud printing and Ethernet and wireless connectivity.

Choose a printer after comparing the above-mentioned features. This will ensure that the printer meets your present and future needs.