Inkjet Cartridges & Toners

Inkjet Cartridges & Toners – Mistakes to avoid while buying them

Inkjet Cartridges & Toners

You should buy a printer after proper research. But, research should include research on the costs involved if you have to replace ink cartridges and toners. You might have to do this several times during the lifecycle of the printer. If you do not do this, you might spend more on buying ink cartridges and toners cartridges than on buying a printer. Since inkjet and laser printers are part of every office and domestic use, it is better to consider the mistakes you should avoid while buying printers.

The mistakes and how you can avoid them

Printer cartridge model number- You must note the unique cartridge model numbers. it will be printed on the label. There are many models of ink cartridges. It will fit most printers as well. However, choosing the cartridge that fits the printer model is important. Therefore, you should check the cost of the printer ink cartridges that will suit the model. Only then will you be able to assess the costs you will eventually incur.

Page –yield of the cartridge-Ignoring the cartridge’s page yield is another mistake you should avoid. How long the Printer cartridges you buy would last has to be considered. It will be indicated in the product description or product titles online. Alternatively, you may find it on the cartridge labels as well.

Choosing to buy standard-size printer cartridges is cheaper than standard printers and toners. Also, they hold less amount of ink. This means that the cartridge has to be replaced frequently. That is why the vendors who sell big brands like HP printers or Canon printers use high-capacity replacement cartridges that offer a lower cost per print. This will help save about 20-30% of running costs.

Choosing to buy low-cost, compatible printer ink cartridges and toners– This is another mistake you should avoid. However, it will help you save up to 50% on costs that might tempt you. But, it is good to go in for ink or toner cartridges from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). This will ensure that you get quality and compatible printer cartridges.

Buying cartridges one at a time– This is not a good idea. Even if you use the printer frequently, it is a mistake when you do so. This is because online printer cartridges are sold at lower prices than if you buy a multipack. The multipack will cost at least 20% less than the cartridges that you buy individually.

Buying low-quality remanufactured printer cartridges refer to refurbished printer cartridges that will be available at lower prices. But, it is better to avoid anonymous sellers and companies that are not ISO-certified. They will not offer product guarantees.

Buying a cartridge that you will not be using right away is a mistake because when you do not take care of storing it, the ink can become dry and clog the toners.

 To sum up, avoiding mistakes will help save time and money. Also, it will ensure the longevity of your printer.


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