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What to do if your HP all-in-one printer starts malfunctioning?

How to troubleshoot and fix common HP toner cartridge issues such as streaking and smudging?

Sometimes the printed photo or document is not of the intended quality. Here, the steps in this blog should help with print quality issues such as streaked or faded printouts, color or black ink that won’t print, documents with fuzzy or blurry text, ink streaks, and other issues. Although the printer is operational, the printed output has ink smears or streaks.

The following are the steps-

First step: Verify your paper

  • Be careful to print on brand-new, wrinkle-free paper.
  • Continually move forward if you are certain you did.

Step two: Launch the utility for cleaning print cartridges.

  • Choose “Setup” from the menu.
  • Choose Tools using the arrow keys, and then click OK.
  • After selecting Clean Print Cartridges, click A test page is printed by the gadget.

Analyze the exam page. Stop reading if the page’s print quality is good. If the print quality is poor, move on to the subsequent cleaning stage.

Activate the Printer Toolbox

Two strategies:

Launch HP Director, then choose Settings, Print Settings, and Printer Toolbox from the menus.

  • Open Printers and Faxes in the Windows Control Panel, then right-click your printer icon and select Properties if the HP Director technique does not work. Next, select Printing Preferences. Choose the Service This Device icon after selecting the Services tab.
  • Open the Printer Toolbox. Click Clean the Print Cartridges under Device Services, then adhere to the on-screen directions. There are a maximum of three cleaning levels available. Recycle or throw away the printed page.

Step three: tidy up the region surrounding the cartridge nozzles

NOTE: If you have streaks or smudges in your printed output and you have already completed all three cleaning levels in the Clean Print Cartridges program, only then should you proceed with the cleaning of the area around the cartridge’s nozzles.

The print cartridges should not be left outside the printer for more than 30 minutes. A cartridge’s ink will dry out if it’s left outside the printer for too long, rendering it useless. Moreover, take care to avoid getting ink on your hands or clothing.

Assemble the cleaning supplies

  • With sterile bottled, distilled, or filtered water. Tap water could include impurities that harm the cartridge.
  • Clean cotton swabs or any other soft, lint-free material that won’t adhere to the cartridges (coffee filters work well).
  • To rest the cartridges while being cleaned, use paper towels or sheets of paper.
  • One of the ink cartridges should be taken out and set down on a piece of paper with the nozzle plate facing up.
  • Check the vicinity of the nozzle plate. Clean the cartridge as directed below if you see any debris or ink buildup:
  • Do not clean the print cartridge if there is no debris or ink buildup.
  • Clean water should be used to lightly saturate the lint-free cleaning material.

Clean the faces and edges surrounding the nozzle plate with the swab. The region that needs to be cleaned will be hazy. If the cleaning agent becomes soiled, replace it.

Replace the problematic cartridge right away if you haven’t already done so to address the issue. To find out if the cartridge is covered by warranty, see Ink Cartridge and Printhead Limited Warranty. Replacement toner cartridges and other accessories are available for the printer’s better operation.

What to do if your HP all-in-one printer starts malfunctioning?

What to do if your HP all-in-one printer starts malfunctioning?

Few things are more frustrating than needing to print something quickly and your printer refusing to comply. While dealing with streaky lines across your photographs or faded lettering is one annoyance, coping with a printer that refuses to acknowledge your existence is another.

What are the types of malfunctioning Printers?

We’ve created a list of the most frequent printer problems and how to fix them to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Printer Isn’t Printing

If your printer driver supports two-way communication, you may be notified of a problem even before you get to the printer, only to discover nothing in the print tray.

  • Poor Print Quality

Although it may appear trivial, the paper you print on can make a huge impact on the final print quality. In general, photo paper sold by the maker of your printer will have fewer troubles than generic printer paper.

  • My printer is no longer scanning

When an MFP no longer scans, faulty scanner software is frequently the villain. Reinstall the printing software package to get your printer scanning again.

  • There are too many paper jams

While foreign things loose inside the printer may be the obvious culprit, there are other lesser-known problems, such as an overfilled paper tray or poorly inserted paper.

  • Printing is too slow

Even while inkjet printers are famously slow at drying ink, laser printers can also have troubles. Printing at the draft quality for detailed images can result in print quality concerns, just as printing in presentation quality does.

What to do if the printer starts malfunctioning?

Whether you’re seeing an error message that doesn’t match reality or your printer is going silent, knowing where to begin when your printer doesn’t print will alleviate some of your stress.

  • The HP printer has gone offline or is not responding.
  • The printer status on your Windows or Mac computer is Offline, and the printer does not print.

Do the following tasks in the order listed. To see if the problem has been resolved, use the printer after each task.

  • Ascertain that the printer is ready to print.
  • The printer should be turned on, with paper in the input tray, enough ink or toner, and no errors or blinking lights.
  • Check that the printer is not turned off or in sleep mode. To wake it up or turn it on, press the Power button.
  • Check that paper is loaded into the input tray and that the paper width guides are softly resting against the stack’s sides.
  • Ensure that the correct ink or toner cartridges are inserted and that the printers has enough ink or toner to finish your print job.
  • Check the printer control panel for any error warnings or blinking lights. Before using the printer, correct any errors.
  • To clear any error conditions, restart the printer. Switch off the printer, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it back on.

Now that you know what to look for, you can keep an eye on your printer and make an informed decision when it’s time to retire. If you’re not sure which printer is best for you, leave a remark, and we’ll gladly assist you!

HP905, HP955 and 965 XL Cartridges

How to Disable HP Updates HP905, HP955 and 965 XL Cartridges ?

Several firmware changes from HP may prevent you from using compatible HP 905, 965 XL and HP 955 ink cartridges. The compatible cartridges you bought will become useless if you permit printer updates. The update will not affect cartridges that have already been installed, but it will cease the use of all uninstalled cartridges. We’ll demonstrate how to turn off HP printer updates.

Officejet Pro 8710, Officejet Pro 8720, Officejet Pro 8730, and Officejet Pro 8740 are among the printers that are impacted. You can disable these automatic updates to make sure you are not impacted by HP’s actions.

How To Disable Updates 905 in Steps?

To stop receiving HP updates, adhere to this process-

  • Swipe down to reveal the dashboard on the printer control panel.
  • On the “Setup” icon, click.
  • Select “Printer Maintenance” by moving your finger up on the screen.
  • Select “Update the Printer” by moving your finger up on the screen.
  • The “Printer Update Options” button
  • Choose “Do Not Check.”
  • Choose “No” to disable Printer Updates.

Purchase cartridges for ink or toner

  • HP and regional merchants sell replacement ink and toner.
  • Visit an HP Store.
  • Pick your language and country/region.
  • At the very top of the page, click Ink & Toner.
  • To locate and order the cartridges for your printer, simply follow the directions.

What is the procedure for disabling updates of HP 955?

The maker of printers regularly makes firmware changes that may prevent compatible cartridges from functioning. Consequently, our clients could experience printing troubles multiple times a year. We already know the answer, so don’t worry!

You can disable hp printer updates to get your printer to function properly with compatible cartridges.

The steps are as follows:

  • Click Setup
  • Printer Maintenance
  • Update the Printer
  • Printer Update Options
  • Do Not Check on the control panel for your printer.

In response to the query “Do you want to enable Printer Updates?” choose “No” and then click “Home.”

That’s all, then!

Nothing will now prevent you from printing!

What to do in case of Error: HP print cartridge not compatible?

You might have accidentally inserted the cartridge in the incorrect slot if you see the “Incompatible Cartridge” notice.

Make sure the cartridge model numbers match your printer model and your nation/region if you have this problem. Then, make sure they are properly inserted in the relevant slots.

How to disable updates of HP 965 XL?

Steps to follow when you get the message Cartridge trouble” errors:

  • Depleted Ink Cartridges or “Remove and Reinstall” may occur as a result of dirt gathered throughout the exploitation time.
  • Remove and reinstall the designated cartridge 2-3 times until it securely sits in the slot to overcome an HP ink cartridge error.
  • Next, shut off the device.
  • Make sure the cartridge is replaced and that it fits firmly into the designated slot. The printer is prepared for use.

When you are planning to disable the updates, it is very crucial for you to know about the total procedure. When you have this type of precise guiding content, the process is surely going to be easy.

Quick steps to replace a toner cartridge and drum unit in a Brother laser printer

Quick steps to Replace a Toner Cartridge and Drum unit in a Brother Laser Printer

If you’ve never replaced the toner cartridge or drum unit in your Brother printer before, the operation may seem daunting. We’ll show you how to install both for a few common Brother laser printers in this brief guide. It’s much simpler than it appears! The installation process varies significantly depending on the printer and the consumable being replaced, but it is rather simple once you understand how the toner and drum unit work.

A brief overview of Brother toner cartridges and drum units

To make a print, the toner cartridge and drum unit work together. The toner cartridge houses the toner powder, while the drum unit is an electrically charged cylinder that transfers the toner powder to paper to form text and images. The toner cartridge and drum unit are sold separately by Brother.

How to Clean a Toner Cartridge?

  • Remove the new cartridge from its packaging.
  • Take the cartridge out of its package.
  • Remove the orange protection clip from the cartridge’s bottom.
  • Pull the seal tape off the ink cartridges‘ side over a trash container. After removal, the tape should come out in one long strip and can be tossed.
  • You are now ready to install!

How to Prepare Your Drum Set?

  • Unpack the new drum set
  • Take the drum unit out of its package.
  • Remove the orange protective clip that is wrapped around the drum unit.
  • You are now ready to begin installation!

Toner Cartridges TN-433 Replacement

  1. To open the front cover of the printer, press the release button on the front cover.
  2. Hold the drum unit’s green handle and gradually pull it out.
  3. To unlock the toner cartridge, grasp the cartridge’s handle and push it away from you. Pull the toner up and out of the drum unit after it has been unlocked.
  4. To clean the corona wire, slide the green tab from left to right a few times.
  5. Remove the orange protective cover from the new toner cartridge.
  6. Insert the toner cartridge into the drum unit and pull it in until it clicks into place.
  7. Slide the drum unit back into the printer, locking it in place with the green handle.
  8. Remove the machine’s front cover.

How to Change the Drum Unit on a DR-431CL?

  1. To open the front cover of the printer, press the release button on the front cover.
  2. Hold the drum unit’s green handle and gradually pull it out.
  3. Turn the green lock lever (1) counterclockwise until the release position is locked. Lift the front of the drum unit and remove it from the machine while holding the green handles of the drum unit.
  4. Pull the toner up and out of the drum unit after it has been unlocked.
  5. To clean the corona wire, slide the green tab from left to right a few times.
  6. Remove the orange protective cover from the new drum unit.
  7. Insert the toner cartridges into the drum unit and pull it in until it clicks into place.
  8. Slide the drum unit back into the printer, locking it in place with the green handle.
  9. Bring the front cover to a close.
  10. Reset the Drum Counter on the DR-431CL.
  11. Start the printer.

To pick the following, use the up and down arrows:

  • Then, choose [Machine Info.] and click
  • Choose [Parts Life] and click
  • Choose [Drum] and hit
  • Then, for five seconds, press and hold the “OK” button.
  • Select [Reset] by pressing the up arrow.

Toner cartridges are available in regular yield, high yield, and extra high yield yields. High-yield and extremely high-yield cartridges are normally more expensive, but they print more pages for a better overall value.

Printer Ink Cartridges

Ways To Extract More Ink Out Of Printer Ink Cartridges

You can choose to disregard your printer’s warnings that it has run out of ink or is dangerously low on ink. According to the experts, most ink cartridges still contain between 8 and 45% of their ink when the notice appears. How do you then extract the last of the ink from your ink cartridges? There are a few options:

  • Clearing the print head:

When you start receiving streaky prints, you might mistakenly believe you’re low on ink, but this is often only a sign that your print head needs cleaning. The simplest approach to fix this is to use your printer’s print head cleaning feature to remove dried ink from the print head. When your printer hasn’t been used for a while, this occurs.

  • Toss it:

It’s not always the case that your cartridges are empty when your prints start to look faded. It may occasionally be the result of dried-up ink that is clogging nozzles. You could try shaking the cartridge lightly after turning it upside down in addition to using a hair dryer. But don’t shake too much; we only want to free the stuck ink, not damage the cartridge.

  • Using paper towels:

The paper towel technique seeks to remove dried ink from the nozzles in a manner similar to the hair dryer technique in order to facilitate the release of the remaining ink.

  • Protect the sensor:

Some ink cartridges have a chip that measures the amount of ink inside. Additionally, this chip frequently transmits an empty cartridge signal before it should. When it does, you might not be able to print until you replace the cartridges.

Cover the chip sensor with a dark piece of electrical tape to solve this problem. You chip, take that!

  • Prior to printing, proofread

Similar to our earlier suggestion, proofreading might enable you to eliminate all the extraneous language, leaving you with a clean copy that uses less ink and space. Therefore, start proofreading if you want to learn how to extract more ink out of a cartridge! You’ll save ink by not publishing the same information twice.

  • Use the B&W or gray scale mode

Consider printing in grayscale or black and white if you wish to forego color printing and preserve some of your color ink for later. Such options can be found on the printer display or in the computer’s printer settings.

Shopping for compatible cartridges, which typically cost much less than an original brand cartridge while still providing you with the same crisp prints you’ve come to expect from all cartridges, is one method to ensure you always have a spare cartridge without breaking the bank.

When your ink cartridge is actually empty, you need to know. When it is, make sure to replace it quickly. A depleted cartridge can cause your print head to melt and your printer to become damaged. Always keep a replacement cartridge on hand for those times when your regular ones are truly empty.

How to Unclog Brother Ink Cartridge?

How to Unclog Brother Ink Cartridge?

If your LCD screen or PC is telling you that the ink cartridges are full, however, no ink is passing through to your paper, then it is possible that you are dealing with the issue of a clogged printhead, and you need to unclog your Brother ink cartridge. So, let us talk about some tips regarding how to unclog your Brother ink cartridge without any hassle.

Clogged Brother ink cartridges usually cause skipping areas of inconsistent ink output when there is a need to print something. A fully clogged cartridge of a Brother inkjet printer won’t be able to print at all. This may happen most often when you take out your ink cartridge for some time and expose it to air or even if you don’t use your printer ink cartridge for several months.

You can manually clean your clogged ink cartridge with some store-bought items and can restore that crisp and clean printing you got when you first install your Brother ink cartridge.

The steps to clean the Brother ink cartridge

  • Step 1: First, you need to remove the clogged ink cartridge from your printer. You should use the right method for your specific printer model and make, but generally, you need to just open the lid and then lift the ink cartridge out.
  • Step 2: Now, you need to locate the print head where the printer ink comes out of the ink cartridge and then wipe off any crusty or dried ink with a clean and soft cloth.
  • Step 3: In this step, you should moisten a soft and lint-free cloth with clean water and wipe the area known as the print head clearly. If you are using hard water or are worried about mineral deposits from your tap water, you can use distilled water. If your ink cartridge has a silver, copper, or gold nozzle plate, you should try your best not to get it wet. Just take a wet cotton swab to only clean the print head. This will keep the metal nozzle plate dry.
  • Step 4: Next, you need to put your ink cartridge back in the printer and then print a test. If you still can see blank areas or banding, just run the print head cleaner utility software that you have received with your printer. If your print is spotty even after that, soak the cartridge.
  • Step 5: Fill a bowl with clean and warm water. The water should be enough to cover your print head. If you have a cartridge that is completely clogged, you can use a 50-50 solution of ammonia and water.
  • Step 6: Stand the cartridge in that solution, so the print head is submerged. If your cartridge has a metal plate on the bottom, use the ammonia solution on a cotton swab and clean the print head only.
  • Step 7: Soak the cartridge until the water cools down, then dry it with a clean and soft cloth, and reinsert it. You can run a test print to check if the ink is flowing normally again.

So, these are the steps to unclog your Brother ink cartridge and get beautiful and crisp printouts. You can also buy Brother printer online or Brother ink cartridges online.

What to do if the Brother Toner Cartridge is not recognized?

What to do if the Brother Toner Cartridge is not recognized?

If you have encountered a problem when you need to refill or install a new Brother toner cartridge into your printer, but your printer still shows the option “replace the toner cartridge,” then this is a really troublesome situation. In this case, you need to check a few important things regarding the brother toner refill procedure to make sure that your printer can recognize the toner cartridge without any problem.

So, let us check out a few things regarding the Brother printer cartridge refill to resolve this issue.

What things to do if the printer cannot recognize your Brother toner cartridge?

  • Check if your drum unit and toner cartridge are installed together properly

If your printer is giving an error message, check to ensure that the drum unit and toner cartridge of your printer is properly installed. The toner cartridge needs to click securely into the drum unit, and then the two parts should be connected together prior to installation.

After that, just slide and install those components together into your printer.

  • Are you trying to install the correct toner cartridges?

When you see that your printer cannot detect your Brother toner cartridge or an error message displays on the printer, this crucial task you need to perform is to check if you are using the correct cartridge or not.

Different types of printers need different corresponding models for toner cartridges. If you try to install an incorrect toner cartridge, your printer will be unable to recognize it. For instance, you have the HP HL-L2300D printer, which is compatible with the toner cartridge TN660. However, if you try to install the TN760 toner cartridge, your printer will not be able to detect it. Thus, you should order your printer cartridges online only after knowing the correct model.

  • How can you check if your toner cartridge is compatible with your printer or not?

First of all, try to know the right toner model for your printer to avoid any issues. After that, check the label of the model to ensure that it is compatible with the printer. Lastly, Search the “printer model” or “toner model” to find out the corresponding toner cartridge online.

  • Have you installed your cartridge in the correct slot?

If you have a color printer, you should make sure that four separate cartridges are installed in the right slot. Just take all the cartridges out of your printer and check if they were installed in the correct slots or not. If not, just reinstall those cartridges and restart the system.

  • How can you reset your Brother toner cartridge?

If your issue has been eliminated, however, your printer still cannot recognize the toner cartridge, then just check your toner cartridges’s reset gear. If the reset gear is in the wrong position, you may get this error message. So, just reset your toner correctly to get rid of the error message.

So, to conclude, we can say that if your Brother toner cartridge cannot be recognized by your printer, you should try the above-mentioned steps. Also, you need to know the right model of Brother toner for your printer before taking a look at the online cartridge store and the list of Brother ink price.

It's The Right Time to Buy a New Cartridge : Know How

It’s The Right Time to Buy a New Cartridge : Know How

In modern times, people prefer online transactions more than offline paper works. However, there are some specific sectors where you need to proceed with hard copies only. Apart from this, you need to keep records of many important hard copies for future use. In this scenario, printers play an important role in both personal and official works. Due to the pandemic situation, many companies have chosen the way of working from home permanently. Thus, many employees need to accumulate a number of technical machines along with printer ink cartridges at home to create an office-like atmosphere.

You need to know a few things to know the actual lifetime of your toner cartridge refill for sure. By observing a number of points very carefully, you can easily realize the accurate time to buy printer cartridges. Here are some of the crucial points for your concern. By following these points, you can easily avoid any kind of confusion regarding ink refilling for your printer. These points will also help you to work with a single cartridge for a long time. Thus, you can also avoid any unusual situation as well.

A few crucial indications for cartridge refilling

  • You should always use the prescribed paper to receive the best result without facing any problems. Thus, the printing quality of your printer will never decrease for sure.


  • You should use your printer frequently. After a specific time, the ink will automatically dry, and you cannot be able to use it at all. It is quite necessary to keep your printer in running condition most of the time.


  • You should always switch off your printer after using it at the end of the day. In this way, the inner mechanism of your printer will get some time for rest. Thus, your printer can work more efficiently than before.


  • You should always look for the expiration date of your ink at the time of buying printer cartridges online. You need to finish the ink within the given time limit. Otherwise, you need to face a number of issues regarding the printing quality and many more points.


  • Each and every ink refill has a direction to store them at the back of the packet for sure. You should follow the direction very carefully to keep them in a good condition for a long time.

You will now easily understand the actual time to buy ink cartridges online. According to this point of view, you will be able to store useful cartridge refills at home to work more efficiently. Apart from this, you can now operate your printer in a proper way to avoid any kind of massive damage for sure. Besides, you use the cartridges fully to be worth your money in every possible way. You should be able to buy printer cartridges online in need to perform your duties amazingly. Apart from that, the printing quality of your printer will also remain as good as before.

Brother And HP Inkjet: Get To Know Them Better

Brother And HP Inkjet: Get To Know Them Better

Both Brother and HP inkjet printers are popular for their easy usage, high efficiency, and top quality. So, most people looking for highly efficient yet affordable ink cartridges choose to have one of these two options.

There are many other notable brands that are designing and developing feature-rich and efficient printers; however, the popularity of HP and Brother inkjet printers does not reduce even a little bit. Now, you may wonder which one of these two can be perfect for you, so let us discuss some important things about these two highly popular and efficient printers.

Which brand is the best for inkjet printers?

Among the most popular inkjet printer brands Brother and HP, the Brother inkjet printers are better in terms of cost per quality print, whereas HP inkjet printers are superior in terms of durability, preference, and also printing quality. So, if you are not sure which one to choose. Let us compare some important features of these two popular brands for inkjet printers below.

Brother and HP inkjet printers: A detailed comparison

  1. Printing speed

For any business or organization, printing speed is a very important thing. With a speedy printer, organizations can offer the most convenient and fastest services to their clients. The speed of a printer matters a lot if your business depends on the everyday volume of your work.

So, just by choosing a speedy printer, you can become more productive and eventually more successful. Both Brother and HP inkjet printers are remarkably fast printers and can offer more than 20 prints per minute.

However, if you need to compare the speed of these two popular printers, HP inkjet printers will have the upper hand. Brother printer do not fall behind as their latest models, like the MFC series, can print really faster than other printers. However, if you are in need of a speedy and efficient printer, HP inkjet printers will be perfect for you.

  1. Price of Ink and printer

For many companies, the price of ink and printer may matter a lot. Generally, a printer costs more than a Brother printer. So, if you compare just the price of these two popular printers, then the latest HP printers are more expensive than Brother printers, as they have multiple functions.

On the other hand, the initial buying cost of ink cartridges and replacing them can be a little higher than HP printers.  However, while talking about the cost of prints per page, HP printers can be a more expensive option than Brother printers.

  1. Print Quality

Another important thing that you need to take note of while comparing these two printers is the print quality, as it should not be compromised at any cost. Though both Brother and HP printers are best at offering crisp, high-resolution, and full-of-life images, some customers of Brother inkjet printer and Brother ink cartridges have complaints about leaking and smudging of ink. However, it is not a big issue; it just indicates that your printer needs proper maintenance.

To conclude, we can say that both Brother and HP ink cartridges and inkjet prints have their own strengths and drawbacks; you just need to choose one as per your requirements.

Save Ink When Printing: Know How

Save Ink When Printing: Know How

While choosing a printer, the first concern that comes to your mind is the cost of cartridges that you would have to bear in the future. The other thing you need to check with these is the print quality. If you are required to do a lot of printing, the ink cost will add up to a greater extent. To reduce the ink cost today, in this article, we will quickly go through some easy tips which would help you reduce the ink cost of your printer.

Here are some tips mentioned below that will help you to save the printer ink cost:

  • Choose an efficient Printer

When buying a new printer and it is essential to consider the toner cartridge cost or the overall ink cost. Several low-priced printers are available in the market, but if you calculate the cartridge cost, you will find they are costly. On the other hand, high-priced printers lower the per-page cost making comparatively printer ink cartridges cheap. Therefore, the efficiency and economy of a printer can be evaluated by calculating the cost per page of printing. So before going to the market, thoroughly research and calculate the cost per page.

  • Make proper use of your Printer’s Driver and Ink Saving Software

Choose software that will allow you to select the specific parts of the documents you like to print and those you would like to omit. It will help you to save on ink costs. Most of the printers available nowadays allow you to adjust several device functionalities. It also comes equipped with a printer driver allowing you to modify settings; this will extend the span of the printer ink cartridges you are using.

  • Choose the Right Font

There are a variety of fonts available, and each of them consumes a different amount of ink. Therefore, always choose a font that will help you save the printer’s ink. While doing so, you will notice that the ink usage is reduced considerably, even if you are trying little. Also, make sure the matter is not in Bold. Opting Out of the bold option will help you save more on printer ink.

  • Adjusting Image and Graphics Resolution

Some of your prints might have images and graphics with them. All you need to do is reduce the resolutions of the photos and drawings and enjoy saving on your cartridge ink and also end up using lesser color ink. You can reduce the size of the images to 72 DPI, and you will get quality prints. Usually, the DPI settings range from 200 to 300 DPI, which is not required. Also, it consumes a lot of ink. Thus change the settings first.

To Conclude

Owning your printer is always so convenient. You can help your children with homework, take prints of your work and maintain confidentiality. You can also print invitations and a lot of many things. And all these can be done by enjoying the comfort of home. Those mentioned above are some ways to extend the life span of your ink cartridges.  And this will help you to save your funds on printing expenses. Finally, be judicious and save paper and ink.